Ivo Giolito, who died on 20 November 1992, son of Domingos Giolito and Maria Elvira Tradi Giolito, was born in São Paulo, Brazil on 10 March 1933. He was married to Cely Bertolaso Giolito and the father of Ivo, Jr. and Cíntia. He graduated in pharmacy at University of São Paulo in 1957 and was awarded a Ph.D in 1968. He became “Privat Dozent” in 1987, Associate Professor in 1989 and Professor in 1990 at the same university. In 1974, he started the operation of the laboratory for thermoanalytical studies, with the supervision of two Ph.D Thesis. He supervised, in total, one MS and nine Ph.D thesis. In 1976, Prof. Giolito visited the laboratories of Professor Wendlandt and had the several to establish several projects on thermal analysis. He had an important scientific production and presented several articles at scientific meetings.